About us.

Future of Boxing is the new promotion team in town, organising and bringing you some amazing nights of white-collar boxing. Boxing is one of the biggest sports in the UK right now spreading its wings all around the world with some amazing talent.

We at Future of Boxing are staging some incredible events which are evenly matched up between boxers of all experience levels. Whether you’ve never put on a pair of gloves in your life before, experienced boxer or a talented novice, this is the right show and promotional team for you. We will give everyone an opportunity and chance to fight on our shows in evenly and fairly matched contests.

All bouts are refereed and over seen by an experienced official whose number one priority is the welfare and safety of all boxers. A team of paramedics is always on site who give the boxers a thorough medical examination before and after the fights have taken place to make sure no one is seriously harmed.

The safety of all boxers is our number one priority and we pride ourselves on that.

During the contest all boxers will be wearing 16oz competition gloves which will be provided by us. The more experienced boxers will be wearing 12oz gloves.

We are here to pave the way for future talent to come out and join some of the best in the world in the sport of boxing. We at Future of Boxing are here to find the future champion and help you make your way to the top step by step.