Gloves Up Knives Down, founded in March 2019, is a Social Enterprise committed to supporting young people living in communities affected by knife crime, providing access to boxing training to help them lead fulfilling and healthy lives away from crime.

They believe that through the discipline of boxing they can provide young people with the opportunity to channel their energy and frustrations in a more productive and positive way. Helping to build young people’s physical fitness and mental well being as well as helping to create stronger communities.

The academic veracity of their core ethos of Preventative Intervention, has been advocated by Professor Joana Carvalho Costa.


Gloves Up Knives Down is committed to working with communities primarily across London to provide increased access to Boxing facilities in a variety of ways.

Gloves Up Knives Down Community Boxing Kits
The income generated through the sales of their T-shirts, and third party donations, allows them to provide our Boxing Kits to community groups and schools to be able to provide regular boxing training sessions. These kits include gloves, a headguard, a vest, a pair of shorts and a bag.

Generating funding for boxing facilities
Through the sales of their “Gloves Up Knives Down” T-shirts, and third party donations, they are generating revenue that can then be used to fund grass roots community initiatives that will provide access to boxing training sessions to young people living in communities affected by knife crime.


They believe that the discipline and respect that you learn through boxing can have a positive impact on young peoples lives, teaching them life skills that can have a positive influence outside of the boxing gym.

Future of Boxing has pledged to donate all profits from Fight Night and other future events to Gloves Up Knives Down.